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Lawn Maintenance

Maintain your lawn year-round.



MowTime is all about keeping up with the maintenance of your lawn, that can sometimes take up your spare time and energy. We’re here to help with our courteous and professional staff for all your outdoor chores. We will organize weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits depending on your needs and we will create a personal individualized care plan for your property. These could include but are not limited to lawn cutting, lawn edging, leaf mulch, fertilizing, demossing, aerating and leaf clean up.

Our lawn maintenance service gives you the freedom to enjoy life as you please!

To learn more about specific services or those not listed please contact us.

Spring cleanup and maintenance

Clean-up of your lawn includes removal of leaves, branches, etc, a horizontal and vertical trimming around your gardens, walkways, and driveway to give your lawn a sharp edge. Spring fertilizer (also seeding bare patches in the early spring) lime, power raking and aerating are all beneficial services that we provide as needed.

Summer maintenance

Although we do continue mowing lawns, we do raise our blades and try not to mow under 3 inches. A good summer fertilizer is recommended prior to the lawn going dormant to replenish the nutrients. A well-fed lawn grows in thick crowding the weeds and cooling the soil, which helps it handle the heat. Reseeding and renovating your lawn through the summer to help with bare patches and different varieties of seeds that can’t handle the heat.

Fall maintenance and clean up

We Keep cutting your lawn until it stops growing, usually mid to late November, sometimes later. Once temperatures are below 4 degrees Celcius your lawn will start going into dormancy. Fall maintenance includes the removal of branches and leaves from the lawn or another option is to mulch the leaves into your lawn which will enhance the soil with valuable nutrients. We do recommend a fertilizer, to help the grass store food, thicken its cell walls and harden off. Aerating your lawn in the fall to reduce winter puddling and prevent rotting of the turf. Getting water off the surface and below into the root zone is crucial. With 20 to 30 days of continuous rain being sometimes common in Victoria winter months, puddling can be an issue, and this can be reduced by reducing the compaction of the lawn. Overseeding lawns will eliminate bare patches and reduce competition from summer weedy grasses, such as crabgrass and also other weeds.

General clean-up

Have you fallen behind in the general upkeep of Your Lawn? We will come in at any point throughout the season and give your lawn the maintenance that it requires.